San Ramon Valley Schools Improve Again on State API (Academic Performance Index) Rankings

One of your main criteria when shopping for a new home is likely the quality of the schools.  Did you know the schools in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District had the best scores of any large unified school district in the state?  So whether you are looking for a home in the best school district for your children or just want a home that is going to have the most resale value when it comes time to sell down the line, this is reason enough to buy in the San Ramon Valley!  Following is some information provided by the District:
Danville –San Ramon Valley schools once again showed significant improvement in the Academic Performance Index Base Report according to data released by the California Department of Education, with all scores averaging well above the state target.
The overall 2009 API base score for the district was 913, up from 901 the previous year. The state goal for all schools is 800 on the API.
All four comprehensive high schools within the San Ramon Valley Unified School District rank in the top 2% of all 2024 high schools within California listed with a 2009 Base API. All eight middle schools in the district rank in the top 5% of all 1,349 middle schools in the state with a 2009 Base API. Of the nine “subgroups” listed within the API results, SRVUSD ranks in the top 10 of all unified school districts in the state in eight of the categories. For both the “Special Education” and “English Learners” subgroups, SRVUSD has the second highest API score of all unified districts in California.
“The strong performance of our subgroups is especially gratifying,” said Superintendent Steven Enoch. “While student performance across the entire district is quite impressive, our students and staff are also doing an amazing job of narrowing the achievement gap among ethnic subgroups and students with disabilities.”
One hundred percent of the district’s comprehensive schools exceeded the state’s target of 800 API, with the vast majority of the schools scoring over 900. 31 of 34 schools in the district saw improvements in their scores over the 2008 Base API, with Country Club and Sycamore Valley showing the greatest improvements at the elementary level – 31 points over the previous year. Pine Valley saw the greatest gains at the middle school level (16 points), and each of the district’s high schools and alternative schools improved by more than 10 points. Del Amigo High School showed the greatest improvement of any school in the district – 77 points.
California also ranks schools in comparison to 100 schools with similar demographics. Schools are given a rank of 1 to 10, with a 5 representing the average of the schools with similar characteristics. 22 schools received a similar schools rank of at least 8, with Six (6) SRVUSD schools receiving a similar schools rank of 10 (Montair, Quail Run, Sycamore Valley and Vista Grande Elementary; Iron Horse and Windemere Ranch Middle).

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