New Home Development coming to Dublin – Sales Start Winter 2013

ImageThis looks to be a great new community coming to Dublin later this year.  We met with the builder recently and they advocate their buyers being represented by a reputable, professional Buyer’s Agent.  Why?  Because they want happy buyer’s without a long list of issues after close.

I could list 50 reasons why a new construction buyer would want to be represented by an Agent, but here are 5 6 to get you started thinking…

1.  No cost to the buyer!  And who wouldn’t want a second set of eyes, a fiduciary responsibility and years of experience in their corner?

2.  An Agent will research and tell you about the surrounding area which the Builder may not do – What other building is planned in the area?  Any talk of widening any roads?  This could mean years of construction and more traffic…

3.  Agents can advise you of what the expected upgrades are in your price range – what is excessive that you will not re-coup when you sell and what is too little that will turn off potential buyers.

4.  They can advise you of the preference for front-entry vs. back-entry garages in the area, Master Bedroom upstairs vs. downstairs.

5.  Agents are trained negotiators that will know what the Builder has done on other sales, will know if they can negotiate any free upgrades, and will generally hold the Builder more accountable throughout the entire process.

6.  Punch Lists, Defects and plain old Mistakes…  I’ve bought 2 new construction homes and I can tell you an Agent is invaluable in helping with this area alone!

Make sure you have your Buyer’s Agent on board and with you the first time you visit a development.  Many are flexible and will let you bring an Agent back with you but some are not.  Most builders know Agents are a good source of business, especially in tough economic times, and welcome their participation to balance the representation and ensure a smoother process for all.

Thinking of buying new construction??  Call you favorite Real Estate Agent and put a plan in place!

About CarolSawdey

I'm a Broker/Realtor in the San Ramon Valley. A trusted advisor in the local community: We help people buy and sell homes. We counsel them thoroughly. We negotiate to their advantage. We keep their stress to a minimum. And we love what we do!
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