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Vacation Home Sales Soar While Investment Property Sales Drop

Vacation home sales are on pace to reach their highest levels since 2003.  Meanwhile investment home sales decreased 7.4% to 1.02 million sold in the past year. Rising home prices and decreasing distressed properties coming on the market have been … Continue reading

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The #1 Motivational, Self-Help and Business Book of All Time

We’ve developed a pretty good office library of books over the years covering subjects from Real Estate to General Business to Sales to Motivational/Self-Help titles.  There’s one we would like to share with you today as a “must read” because … Continue reading

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Carol’s Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

Let’s be honest – this is what we want done by whomever we hire to do our spring cleaning!  We just don’t have the time to do it ourselves anymore… Most of you homeowners are vigilant about regularly wiping down … Continue reading

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Tips to get you Ready for a new Mortgage

Courtesy of our friends over at, here are their three best tips on getting ready for a new mortgage. Be it purchasing a new home or refinancing the current one, the banks are looking for the same things and you can … Continue reading

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