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Your Top 5 Credit Questions – Answered!

We get questions about credit and credit scores all the time, and we rounded up a few of our favorites to run by local credit expert Key Strey of Scorewell Inc. in San Ramon. Will opting out of credit card … Continue reading

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Overseas Buyers snap up over $100 Billion in US Real Estate in the last 12 Months

The National Association of Realtors came out this week with their annual survey of International Buyers and the results are not surprising to anyone impacted by the Bay Area real estate market. Covering the period from April 2014 to March … Continue reading

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Demand the Truth about Price from your Real Estate Agent

When something keeps popping up in front of you, it’s time to pay attention to it. We recently lost a listing opportunity because another agent told the sellers what they wanted to hear – that they would list their home … Continue reading

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A Jim Carrey Commencement Speech That Everyone Should Watch

With all the graduations taking place this month, this video of a Jim Carrey commencement speech from 2014 is making the rounds again. We think everyone should watch it, but consider it a “must see” for recent high school and … Continue reading

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Why Signing Up for the Nextdoor Free Private Neighborhood Social Network is a GREAT Idea

As mentioned above, Nextdoor is a free private social network for your neighborhood. Based on your address when you sign up, it automatically assigns you to your neighborhood (all addresses are part of some neighborhood or you can define one) … Continue reading

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