Information on the upcoming Camino Tassajara Road Closure in Dublin

Dublin to close through traffic on Camino Tassajara starting Monday for 6 months. If you live in Dublin, San Ramon of Danville you will want to read the details below from the City of Dublin as reported on by the Danville/San Ramon Updates breaking news source:

Beginning May 2, until December of 2016, drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians will be unable to use Tassajara Road/Camino Tassajara to travel between Dublin and the San Ramon/Danville area. The City of Dublin notified its residents of the closure in a memo posted to the City’s website last week. In the post, city officials said the half-year closure is necessary for construction crews attempt replace a failing culvert which runs under Tassajara Road just north of the Fallon Road intersection. “This project will provide greater safety for motorists, and reduce the likelihood of emergency road closures in the future.” The City also said that the culvert needed an emergency repair in 2010 after heavy winds created a sinkhole in the road.

As to why the project will take half a year, the City explained that environmental obstacles will inhibit construction during wet periods: “The construction period is limited because the creek is an environmentally sensitive habitat. Construction can only take place in dry periods to minimize any potential impacts to the environment or wildlife.”

The closure will span approximately one mile, from the Fallon/ Tassajara Rd intersection north until the Windemere Parkway/ Camino Tassajara Rd intersection. The shutdown of the relatively short span of road spoils travel plans for drivers who use Camino Tassajara/ Tassajara Road to access Dublin from San Ramon and Danville and vice versa.

camino tassajara

According to road closure maps provided by the City of Dublin, it will be possible to take Camino Tassajara to Windemere Parkway to Dougherty Road into Dublin. However, according to Google, this detour will likely add 10 minutes or more of travel time.

If you happen to live in the closure zone, local residents will be allowed access to their properties from the north. “Emergency responders and other service providers have also been notified and will be prepared to provide services during the road closure.”

The City of Dublin has also provided Frequently Asked Questions and a map of detours to the public.

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