Top 5 Home Projects NOT to DIY

roof repairWe love home improvement DIY projects and a big part of our business is suggesting simple, low-cost home improvements to our sellers to increase the value of their home. The internet is filled with tons of projects with step by step instructions and video directions and there are television shows and DIY celebrities all encouraging homeowners to work on and improve their homes

However, you will never see us recommending any of the below projects that should be left to professionals. Every year people end up in the emergency room because they tried to repair something they should have asked a professional to do. Not only you can injure yourself, but it can turn into a larger problem and eventually harm your home or your family and end up costing you a lot of money! So with those words of warning, here are the 5 home improvement projects, as outlined by our friends at, that you should give yourself a pass on and call the pros!

 1. Roof Repair

“Working on the top of a roof is not only very risky, as you may just slip, but it may also harm your home’s structure, if you don’t know how to properly install or repair the roofing. This really requires knowledge and precise expertise, so make sure to hire a professional with the right skills and correct tools. Sure, this may cost higher, but you’ll not have to take the risk and will finish the job much faster.  In the end, if you think there is not a big issue, make sure to call a friend and ask for a help.”

  2. Home Additions and Structural Changes

“Knocking down walls is a dangerous task, if you’re not a professional. It may seem quite easy, but behind those walls can be electrical wiring or plumbing. While knocking down the walls, you may harm these features and cause huge problems. So ask a professional to make sure there are no electrical wires and plumbing in the wall before removing it. This point is also about remodeling a bathroom or adding an outdoor kitchen. Don’t take the chance and consult a specialist. A good contractor will navigate tricky permits helping you avoid potential uncomfortable and dangerous situations.”

   3. Major Plumbing Issues

“Yes, you may fix a dripping faucet yourself or maintain your shower head. But when it comes to larger problems, you’d better hire a professional. Tackling a kitchen renovation or putting in a bathtub is projects that are best to be left to skilled contractors. Even a small mistake can bring to water-damaged walls or leaky faucet. Imagine an overflowing bathroom or burst in a pipe you’re not able to stop. Funny? Not sure. So before you try to tackle any plumbing issue, take the phone and call a plumber.”

       4. Electrical Work

“Its one thing to replace a light fixture, but quite another to try to repair faulty wiring or any other major electrical issue without a professional. They know how to install and repair wiring, while ensuring that everything is under control, and your home won’t catch on fire. Large jobs can really cause serious injuries due to small mistakes that any professional knows how to avoid.”

       5. Tree Trimming

“Removing or trimming a tree requires working with sharp tools at tall heights. You may not only fall from 15ft heights, but heavy branches or tools you use, as well as blades can fall, damaging wires and everything under the tree. So tree removal is another job to be left to an arborist who is trained to do this.”

Your Realtor should have a list of trusted professionals and vendors they have experience with to help you get your search started for the right people to take on these tasks for you. Tackle the small jobs yourself if you like, but for these and other big jobs, call in the pros!


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I'm a Broker/Realtor in the San Ramon Valley. A trusted advisor in the local community: We help people buy and sell homes. We counsel them thoroughly. We negotiate to their advantage. We keep their stress to a minimum. And we love what we do!
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