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Is Your Home Getting Smarter?

In previous posts we’ve touched on some of the ways you can inexpensively add smart features to your home. Most can be controlled from your phone or tablet. These have included: video doorbells wireless security cameras smart thermostats smart lighting … Continue reading

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Top 5 Home Projects NOT to DIY

We love home improvement DIY projects and a big part of our business is suggesting simple, low-cost home improvements to our sellers to increase the value of their home. The internet is filled with tons of projects with step by … Continue reading

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Wow, a $20k “Tiny House” that is Really Nice and is Changing Mortgage and Zoning Requirements!

For years Auburn University students at the design school’s Rural Studio have been working on a problem that until now was impossible to solve – “How do you design a home that someone living below the poverty line can afford, … Continue reading

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10 Things Young Buyers Want In Their First Home

You hear the term “Millennial” a lot in the real estate business these days. Millennial’s are those aged 35 years or younger. The reason why is that this demographic is going to be an increasingly important part of the buyer … Continue reading

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