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Is Costco’s switch from American Express to Citi Visa Credit Cards going to Impact your Credit Score?

Like many of you, we are long-time Costco loving members who have used our Costco American Express credit card extensively to earn rewards. Effective today, Costco has switched to a Citi Visa credit card that they believe is better in … Continue reading

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Phishing Scams on the Rise – How to Protect Yourself

Phishing scams are on the rise and we’ve also noticed our virus protection detecting a lot of threats in our incoming email. As recent victims of identity theft, we feel it’s important to arm the people we know and care … Continue reading

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Taking a Leap on Leap Day

Imagine how cool it would be if you were buying a home today, on Leap Day! We don’t know too many people who celebrate buying their home every year, but making it a Leap Year celebration every four years? That … Continue reading

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Time Sensitive! Protect Your Students Private Personal Data

Recently, there was a lawsuit brought against the California Department of Education that has resulted in the unfortunate order to release sensitive private personal information for any student enrolled in a California school at any time since January 1, 2008. … Continue reading

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Does Closing A Credit Card Hurt Your Credit?

One of the most important parts of your financial well-being is your credit score, especially when it comes to getting a home mortgage.  Your credit score has a major impact on the cost of the rate you get.  And unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Debit, Credit or Paypal… Which is Safest?

This is great information from our friend David Wipert at Golden Valley Mortgage.  Yes, we too are caught up in the Target stolen data fiasco.  We’ve made the necessary changes with our debit and credit cards and we are monitoring … Continue reading

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